Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Y Camp!

This week Marissa is attending the YMCA Camp called Dragons, Fairies and Princesses!  Yesterday, she hopped on the bus and headed to Guy Robinson Camp in Oak Grove with her BFF, Emma.  It's an all day camp but she came home with lots of fun stories and she was up at 6:15AM this morning ready to go!  Some highlights of their week are:  Swimming in the lake, Arts/Crafts, Archery, Archeological Dig, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rockwall climbling, Cookout/Campfire, Fishing, Tea Party, and Game Time!  Friday is family day where we get to go see what she has been up to all week and watch some skits, have a picnic and go swimming in the lake with them! 

It sure is quiet around here with just Brody and me.  I'm getting a taste of what this Fall will be like when she is off to school all day!  Brody does not love that she gets to ride the school bus and he doesn't!  When we were waiting to pick her up last night, he said "school bus" at least 4000 times!  Marissa has thanked me many times for signing her up for camp!  I am so happy she is having fun! 

The Weekly Schedule

Emma and Marissa on the bus all ready to go to camp!

Ready to load the bus ~

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