Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Birthday Celebrations!

Well another birthday has come and this the age where we start counting ahead and just stay at a stand still????  Regardless of the number, I feel blessed for another year with amazing family and friends and I feel spoiled by all the celebrations this week!

Monday started the celebrations with a trip downtown to a restaurant I've been wanting to try out for a couple of years.  Mom treated me to a special birthday dinner at Rosa Mexicana.  It was delicious, authentic Mexican food and we really enjoyed a dinner out on the town!  Throw in some shopping, a DQ cake and some presents which makes for a perfect night!

Tuesday was my actual birthday so Tony & I got to go out for a sushi lunch and do some shopping before picking up the kids.  We enjoyed some kid-free conversation, some free birthday caribou drinks and a 4family celebration later.  I decided to go to Zumba that night which I'm glad I did because my awesome Zumba teacher gave me a shirt and I got lots of love from Zumba girls!

Wednesday night, I got to get in some girl time with Betsy.  She took me out to Osaka where again I had you see a pattern?  A night out is not complete with a trip to Target kid-free.  I'm pretty sure we wasted time in there so we wouldn't have to go home and put the kids to bed :)

Thursday night, we exchanged presents with the Johnson family.  We decided to meet up after school at Cherry Berry Yogurt shop.  The kids all loved their presents and we kept the craziness there!  We are blessed to have such awesome friends!

Friday night, we met up with Mom and had dinner at Chili's, went grocery shopping and hunted all over for new winter coats.  We were successful but almost froze to death in the proceses!  I'm ready to move!

Saturday, we headed over to Maple Grove to meet up with the Holgrimson family to do a  little sledding with the kids and celebrate my birthday!  The kids had fun and I managed not to break anything so I would say it was successful!

Then last night, we headed to St. Paul with the intention of going to the Holiday Lights Show at Lake Phalen.  With what appeared to be a 2-hour wait, we quickly changed plans and headed downtown St. Paul to see the pretty lights at Rice Park.  It was cold but really beautiful!

Which brings us to today!  This morning at church, the Sonday Adventure (no, I didn't spell that wrong) kids performed some Christmas songs that they had been working on for a few months at Sunday School.  Marissa did such a great job.  I had a hard time getting a good pic of her but I did grab one when she was on the big screen! 

Can you find her?  Second from the left in the middle row!
 We are looking forward to a fun week of celebrating Christmas with our families!  Merry Christmas from the 4family!

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