Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Floor Update!

FINALLY,  I have the after pictures of our new floor!  Thank goodness this project is finally COMPLETE!  We are so happy to have our furniture back in the right spots and be done with projects!  Now, we can start living life again like normal human beings! 

Marissa is finishing up her school day today and then she is on break until March 18th.  A full 12 days of nothing but fun let's hope!  2nd trimester is done and now they are on to the last trimester of the year.  This school year has flown by and we already filling up our summer calendar.  The month of July already looks insane!  We are SO looking forward to Spring and some warmer weather so hopefully it starts to warm up in the next few weeks! 

Here's some pics of our completed floor that I snapped on my phone! 

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