Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First race & weekend fun!

Friday night started out with a 6th Birthday party for Marissa's friend, Kyja.  She hosted her party at a local waterpark.  Marissa had such a blast going down all the big slides.  She is such a fantastic swimmer and makes for a fun night to sit and watch her enjoy herself! 

Saturday started out early with our first race of the season.  This race benefited the school library at Marissa's school so that made it extra special!  We even saw her Kindergarten teacher there!  Then we went to John's house for his 31st birthday party!  The kids always have fun playing together!  Lots of giggles and screams!

Saturday afternoon included a trip to IKEA to get Brody's new big boy bed!  He has done absolutely perfect transitioning to his new bed!  We sold the crib and dresser and now he has a big boy room!  So exciting! 

Sunday afternoons have turned into homework time at Caribou.  Marissa and Daddy time to go and work on homework and relax! 

We are also doing potty training bootcamp!  This little boy is doing excellent.  He went with me to my doctor appointment and errands yesterday with no accidents!  He is making big steps! 

On Sunday afternoon, the kids enjoyed playing outside for a few hours as it's been the first nice day in months!  However, snow is in the forecast for this week!  Summer where are you?

Marissa & Kyja

New big boy bed!

Race Girls!

Homework time!

Scooter kids

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