Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nacho Night and Date Night!

Marissa had Nacho Night at school last Thursday.  It's an opportunity for parents to come in and play some educational games & have an easy dinner!  Marissa and Brody both had fun!  Brody did a nice temper tantrum in front of the principal.  I'm sure he was thinking that he can't wait to have him as a student there!  All over B wanting more chips!  This kid does love his chips!

Friday, Marissa got to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma Holgrimson so Brody & I went about our day like normal but then he got to go spend the night with Grammy which means Tony & I got to have a date night!  We started off with dinner in NE Minneapolis at Masu Sushi.  After dinner, we headed to the Riverview coffee shop and then to a movie at the historic Riverview Theatre!  It was a fun night out!  Always good to get some adult time!

Saturday, we spent running errands and then Tony went to the grocery store and cooked & cleaned up dinner all on his own!  What an awesome treat for me! 

Today, after church, I got some work done and now Tony is off to a coaches meeting for soccer.  It starts next week.  It snowed again today so it's not looking like it's time for soccer.  I kind of wonder what they will do if snow is still on the ground???

Another busy week ahead!  Until next time...

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