Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

We had an awesome Easter weekend celebrating with my family!  What did we do?

***Shopping at the outlet mall :)  Can't miss an opportunity to shop!
***Lots of eating and more eating and more eating....big thanks to my Aunt for cooking for all of us!
***Played games!  A must-do in our get togethers!
***Sat around the table and told stories which means lots of laughter!
***Did I mention eating?
***Had an Easter egg hunt which means lots and lots of candy!
***Cousin time which means fort building, game playing, playing chase and hide n' go seek with lots of giggles and giggles!
***A family walk to try to burn off some of the food we just ate!
***An Easter celebration at church
***Ping-pong challenges
***The big excitement of finding out a new baby was on the way :)  No, it's not me silly.....

Here's a few pics I snapped with my phone....I really need to learn to get my camera out again! 

Side note:  Marissa only has 23 days left of Kindergarten.  YIKES!  This year has flown by! 

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