Monday, September 2, 2013


We've had another busy few weeks and I've let the blog slide again but today is the day to catch up!  I haven't done a great job taking pictures recently but regardless we are having a fun end to summer and not looking forward to getting back to reality tomorrow! 

The kids have been able to spend lots of time with their cousins, Meghan, Abby & Sophie in the last few weeks.  John & Beth had a bounch house in their back yard which our kids got to benefit from.  We also got to go to the beach for a day of swimming, picnic and a little park playtime too!

Then the next Friday night, I packed up the kids and we went downtown to meet Tony at work.  We headed over to Lake Calhoun to go to our favorite restaurant, Tin Fish and then the kids played at the awesome park on the lake.  We then went to Lake Harriet for some ice cream, more park time and the movie in the park, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."  It was such a fun family night! 

The next day we took the kids golfing for the first time.  I'm pretty sure was more of a hit than the actual golfing :)  Marissa did an excellent job at driving.  Just one more reason I see her really growing up and maturing right before my eyes.....

We have also been doing lots of swimming at Bunker Beach!  It's been fun this year to be able to go down the water slides with Marissa.  We've had fun even going over there for just a few hours at night after work with Daddy!  I'm going to miss being able to go to the pool! 

We had open house at Marissa's school this week!  It was fun to be able to meet her teacher and see her desk/locker.  We had to go drop something off later this week and Marissa knew exactly where her classroom was with no problems!  This school is so huge that I was worried but I shouldn't because she is one smart girl! 

Tony and his family got to spend the evening at our local high school football game.  A tradition every year to go with the cousins and a super fun evening!  I think this year was probably the hottest one yet!

We also were able to sneak in a mid-week movie for the kids to see the much-anticipated PLANES movie.  I loved that our theatre has new seats that are like recliner chairs!  Super comfy!  The kids loved the 3D version and Brody did really well keeping those glasses on!

Which then brings us to Labor Day weekend....the most dreaded weekend of the know the first day of school is just lingering right ahead....Friday night we spent at Bunker Beach as a 4family for the last time of the summer.  Saturday, the kids went to the park with Daddy while I ran some errands and then Marissa & I went shopping for school clothes.  Then Grammy came and picked them up and brought them to Bunker Beach and they got to have a sleepover at Grammy's house!  Such a fun night for them!

Sunday we got to do our yearly pilgrammage over to Lake Minnetonka for Sunday brunch at Lord Fletchers!  It's always so fun to see the beautiful homes and boats.  The yummy food isn't half bad either!  Today we will spend celebrating Grandpa Craig's bday and getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow! 

Summer is over...BOO!

Happy Labor Day!

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