Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gingerbread house.....

Our failed attempt at putting together a Gingerbread castle was not the highlight of last week.  Here's a pic that I took of Marissa.  Her facial expression pretty much says it all....FRUSTRATION!  HA!

Gingerbread Castle Attempt
So, moving past that failure and on to some good memories.  We started Thanksgiving day with detailed research on the Black Friday ads.  There is nothing like a good cup of coffee, pj's & Black Friday ads to start a great day.  We loaded up and headed to Tony's grandparents for the afternoon.  We got to meet Brody's younger cousin, Tommy, who melted into my shoulder and let me cuddle him.  Brody is already past that cuddle stage.....sniff, sniff....We decided we were going to get going first thing in the morning when the kids woke up to go shopping.  Brody woke up to eat at 3:15 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep....ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT IS HOW I SHOULD BE SHOPPING.....I said, "Tony, I think I should go shopping because I can't sleep...."  He didn't think I should so I laid there until about 5:30 and finally drifted off to sleep to be woke up again at 6 by a crying Brody :)  So we got loaded up and away we went at 7:00AM.  Target was a ghost town....no lines, NOTHING.  The crowds had picked over all the doorbusters and nothing was left.  Next stop, Kohls....UM, let's re-think that one....WAY TOO MANY cars.  I have never seen so many cars....ok, JcPenney....Oh lovely, I can't even push the stroller through the aisles but at least we did find some things there.  Ok, back home TOO many people with 2 little kids to push through the aisles. 

Then, we headed to the movie Tangled with Grandpa & Grandma.  Marissa headed off with Grandpa & Grandma to stay overnight with them.  We then got all the Christmas decorations out and worked on that Friday night.  Saturday, we worked on the Gingerbread Castle & we did some more Christmas shopping.  Sunday, we did our annual Christmas cookie baking with John, Beth, Meghan and Abby at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  Here's a few pics!

Marissa rolling out dough

Decorating cookies
Marissa, Grandma & Meghan

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