Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soccer & More.....

We had a busy week last week so here's my "catch-up" blog!  After Brody's doctor appt last Monday, I started the "self-soothing" process.  I'm happy to report we are both still alive and he is doing wonderful.  I think he was ready for it because there has been minimal crying when I lay him down for bedtime and he goes right to sleep.  Best part is I think he is sleeping MUCH better during the day.  The doctor said he's old enough and big enough to not eat during the night and that his habit of getting up needs to be broken.  SO, we are still working on that one but I would say he is doing better.  He will still wake up in the night but will take paci and go back to sleep.  So, now if he can just manage to stay sleeping that would be even better!! 

Marissa started her 3-week Community Ed Soccer class.  Tony said she did awesome and was the best one in the class.  Now, normally I would think he is just playing the "Dad" card where he thinks his kid is the best but she really is good at soccer.  She really loved it but was so tired after running for an hour.  Here's a few pics he took during class.

Marissa at Soccer Class

Kicking a goal

I decided it had way too long since I had done a project so I bought some paint and painted the master bedroom.  It was the only room in the house that had not been painted yet since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago.  I love the lighter color and I think it really brightens up the room.

Last night, we attended the wedding of a family friend.  Here's a pic we took of the Holgrimson family.  Notice that the kids aren't in the pic since they didn't attend the wedding.  It was strange to be kid-free all night!  It probably won't ever happen again! 

Holgrimson Family

So, then we woke up today to an ice storm and church had been cancelled which never happens so we spent the whole day at home!  Too bad the Vikings lost AGAIN! 

This week will be a fun week since it's a Holiday week!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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