Thursday, November 4, 2010

One year ago today.....

One year ago today....November 4, 2009...I found out I was pregnant with Brody!  A day that changed my life started out with a normal Super Target run to get groceries.  Marissa & I were just finishing up shopping and heading to the check-out lane when I thought to myself that I would just pick up a test just in case.  When we got home, I brought the groceries in and I thought I'm going to take this test.  Of course, I didn't think I would actually be pregnant!  Within 5 seconds it popped up with a positive sign.  I was in SHOCK.  I couldn't believe it!  Why did I took the test when Tony was at work?  When I took the test for Marissa, Tony was not home yet from work.  Now I had done it again, he's at work and it's eleven o'clock in the morning.  How was I going to wait the whole day to tell him???  I yelled for Marissa to quick come here.  I needed someone to hug me and to celebrate with.  She had no idea what had just happened but she gave me a hug and kiss anyways. 

That was a LONG DAY but when Tony got home I had Marissa wear her Big Sister shirt.  He didn't quite get it at first.  He's said to her, "Marissa what do you have on?"  I just looked at him with a smile and said it's true.  I don't think I have ever seen him so shocked.  He made me take another test.  Of course, it too popped up right away positive AND the rest is history.....what an awesome day and I'm so thankful for my Brody!!

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