Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brody's 9 months old!

Brody turned 9 months while we were on vacation so I didn't get this post written until now!  He goes tomorrow afternoon for his check-up & shots at the doc!  He has struggled with ear infections for a couple of months so I'm hopeful that we will get a good report! 

Here's the Mommy 9 month report!

**He wears 9 or 12 month clothes!

**He has 4 teeth!  Two on the bottom and last week he got his two front teeth on the top!

**He still doesn't sleep well at night but naps during the day from 9-11 and 2-3:30.

**He is working hard on crawling.  He can get around the room but it's not always by forward crawling!

**He loves it when his big sister plays with his toys with him!

**He loves pasta, macaroni and cheese, toddler puffs, baby yogurts, bananas, and applesauce.
**He is working on figuring out the sippy cup!  LOVES water!

**He says Dada and Mama ALL THE TIME!

**He shakes his head NO to everything!

**He does SO BIG and it's SO CUTE!

**He gives "five"!

**He waves bye bye!

**He pulls himself up A LOT!  I think walking isn't that far off in his future!

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