Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running Update!

Last night was our first meeting of Moms on the Run.  It was freezing!  It felt like December instead of April, ugh!  Here's a pic of our group!  We meet every Tuesday night to run together!  The best news is I had my best run EVER last night despite the cold! 

Moms on the Run Group

AND in even bigger news.....I GOT IN to the Nike Womens Half Marathon in San Francisco in October.  Here's the e-mail I received:

Dear Keia Holgrimson,

By throwing your name into the random drawing for the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon, you let us know you were serious.

You are up to the challenge of running 13.1 miles.

You can’t wait to hit the streets of San Francisco.

You are fiercely motivated by the thought of 20,000 women doing this together.

You want that Tiffany’s finisher’s necklace so bad you can taste it.

Well it’s time to put your legs where your clicking finger was, because the Goddess of Victory has spoken.

You’re IN, baby!


My heart started racing and a wave of panic came over me but now that I'm in...I must get running and running and running :)  I'll keep you posted on my progress!!!

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