Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let the holiday season begin!

Here I am again looking through my pictures I took this week and see what I can share about our week! 

Marissa went to a tea party at her friend Emma's.  They were asked to bring their favorite Princess dress.  Of course, she choose Rapunzel.....AND we just HAD to bring the wig as well.....I need to get rid of that wig looks SO BAD...but she has fun with it!  Here's a pic of the girls at their party drinking their tea (a.k.a. lemonade)......

Marissa, Emma J and Emma G

On one of our many trips to Target each week, Marissa talked me into having lunch there....for some reason she loves the meal of cherry icee and a Pizza Hut cheese pizza......Brody loved his chicken nuggets and insisited on sitting in the big chair to eat them.  His chin was the same height as the table but I have to say he did an excellent job eating!

Here's him saying CHEESE and's so funny....


Last night we ventured out in the first snowfall of the year to check out the Linder's Greenhouse lighting ceremony.  I used to do this with my Grandpa and Grandma Manson each year at the greenhouse in their town so it felt very Christmasy!  Hot cider, cookies, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Live reindeer and sleigh rides, family hayride, choir singing Christmas carols, and the grand finale of the lighting ceremony of thousands of almost felt like the scene from the Christmas Vacation movie as we were counting down......Let the Holidays begin!

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