Monday, March 22, 2010


We are headed to the Caribbean in a couple of weeks and this will be Marissa's first trip to the ocean. We are super excited to be able to take her to the beach. She is SUPER excited as well. I've caught her three different times "packing" her clothes. I love the way her mind works because she knows exactly what to take and we haven't even discussed it. She must be my daughter. She grabbed her sandals, swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and dresses. I mean is this genius or what? How does she know exactly what to bring?

So I broke down and got her suitcase out and we "packed" her clothes. She wanted to try on EVERY SINGLE I let her and I loved watching her model her clothes. I still can't get one dress off of her. She is definitely my "girly-girl" and I love it! She is so excited to wear the dresses and she looks absolutely ADORABLE in them!

I'm amazed at how perfect she is for us and she is the perfect blend of being that "girly-girl" and being the girl who isn't afraid to get dirty and be Grandpa's fisher-girl. I love the fact that she isn't scared of the minnows and touching the fish. I mean I don't like to touch them but I'll never let her know that because I don't want her to be like me in that way.

I'm SO in love with my little girl and SO thankful for her!

Now, what will this boy be like that's growing in my tummy? I know he will be the perfect blend of our family and fit in like the last piece in our puzzle. I can't wait to find out. Who will he look like? Will he look like Marissa? I sit and ponder as he kicks and moves around so much inside of me. I'm enjoying these last few weeks of feeling good and not feeling so uncomfortable! Well, that's it for now!!!

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