Friday, March 19, 2010

Room Update

We've had a busy week getting prepared for baby boy! We got a lot accomplished this week! Room is painted,crib is put up,bedding is bought and in crib, big shopping sprees for boy clothes! Tonight we got down out of storage all the tubs of clothes and we found some gender neutral clothes he can wear. Tears rolled looking at all of Marissa's clothes and realizing how much she has grown up. It seems like I have been crying a lot this week. The pregnancy hormones must be at a high because I feel like I'm crying at every little thing! Marissa is only 3 but I feel so emotional about how grown up she is and how quick she grew up! Things are shaping up around here and I'm feeling good about all we got accomplished. Now I can sit back and relax a little more knowing that everything is ready!

I turned 23 weeks yesterday and I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm extremely tired but maybe that's because we've had some incredibly busy weeks!

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