Thursday, March 11, 2010


We've had lots going on at our house! We decided to re-do the flooring in our family room & basement. We had the tile that was in half of our family room removed and carpet laid down throughout the two rooms. It has made a world of difference and we can already tell it's much warmer! We still have some projects to do to finish but we are getting there.

Marissa has moved to her new big girl room. She was super excited about it and has no problems sleeping down there. I think it's been harder on me than her! I'm slowly getting used to having her in a different place. Now we get to move on to making her room back into a nursery.

We have an ultrasound on Monday so I hope we can have a peek at what gender this baby is! There is much to be done to get ready for a baby again. I'm excited to put up the crib again and get a fresh coat of paint in the room. If it's a girl, I need to get out all of the baby clothes and if it's a boy I need to do some major shopping!!

We are going on a little babymoon and taking a trip to Turks & Caicos next month. We just decided this week that we would go for it and take a getaway before the baby comes. We leave on April 8th and Marissa is super excited to go to the beach! We are staying at Beaches Turks & Caicos resort and they have partnered with Sesame Street so Marissa is convinced that Elmo lives at the beach and is super excited to meet him.

I finally sold my hutch so now I'm in the market for a buffet that will fit better in our dining room. It's amazing how much crystal I have. I hope it all fits in a smaller buffet! Oh, the little things that give me joy!

It seems like these weeks just fly by and I'm at 22 weeks today! 4 more months to go! The baby has been so active but the worst part is I feel like it's the most active when I'm laying down at night. I hope this doesn't mean it has it's days and nights mixed up already!!! My wedding ring is already getting too small and my fingers are swelling! YIKES! I had to soak my finger in cold water to get it on yesterday!

Well, I think that about wraps it up from our house! I'll update everyone after Monday's ultrasound!!!

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