Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindergarten Open House!

Marissa had her Kindergarten Open House last night at her new school, Andover Elementary!  This school is HUGE....bigger than my high school so I was lost and needed the map to find everything.  I'm sure it will be no big deal to the kids that attend it and I know that they keep the Kindergarten's on one wing to themselves so they shouldn't get too lost!  With a big school comes big opportunities....more than what I had growing up that's for sure.  I'm reading through the handbook last night and I said to Tony, "does this seem like 9th grade currirculm or what"  I guess it's true Kindergarten isn't what it used to be.  Luckily, Marissa is a smart kid and I know she will thrive in school.  They give the kids each a 6-digit code along with a practice sheet for punching in the code at lunch time to pay for their meal.  She had memorized after telling only 2 times.  She has my "numbers" mind.  Remember, that Mom????  I can always remember numbers for whatever reason.  My mom would ask tell me a number to remember for her....hahahaha....I have a feeling Miss Marissa got that gene.  That skill came in handy when I was working in Accounting back in the day.

Anyways, Hansen Blvd was backed up because of road closures and it took forever to get to school.  This did not please Marissa because she just "couldn't wait any longer" according to the screaming from the back seat.  When we finally got there, we had to wait for daddy...and wait....and wait....and the meantime I found some people I knew that actually worked at the school and promised to keep an eye on Marissa for me!  HA! 

When we finally got to meet her teacher, Ms. Charbonau, Marissa was happy again.  We checked out her classroom and found her mailbox & locker.  This kid gets a regular locker just like I did when I was high little cubbies anymore for her.....then we walked around the school to find the cafeteria (of which there are many), libraries and computer labs, art  & music rooms (again, multiples of everything)......she will be in good hands this year at school.  I signed up to volunteer in her classroom so I'll be THAT mom.....hope she will appreciate it someday....and Daddy already said he wants to come eat lunch with her......LOL.....

This is an adjustment for ALL of us but we look forward to her years at this school and we feel lucky to have such a great school for Marissa to be at! 

All ready to go!

Marissa and her teacher!

One of the tasks was to sign your name on the table!  I like the "I" and how she signed it!

Her locker!

The girls!

Marissa and Daddy

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