Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st day of Kindergarten!

So today was the day we've been anticipating for months, maybe even years....the 1st day of Kindergarten!  Marissa was up by 7:00AM ready to get ready for the day.  She took a shower, ate a good breakfast, brushed her teeth and got dressed....and sitting by the door ready to go 45 minutes early!  To say the least, she was excited!  Daddy worked from home today so that he could be part of her big day.  We took pictures and videos before we walked down to the school bus stop. 

Marissa hopped right on the bus with no problems and I saw her start talking right away to the little girl sitting next to her.  A sigh of relief, step #1 done.  We hopped in the van to get up to the school to make sure she found her teacher alright and the bus beat us there.  Marissa is on one of the last stops before going to school so she certainly doesn't ride long to get there.  I quickly found her with her class and teacher to give her a sweatshirt I had forgotten earlier before they went inside.  I wished her a good day and she said, "Mom, tell Daddy I love him."  I said, "I will but Daddy is parking the car and he will be here in a minute."  She was then off with the rest of her class but her Daddy caught up with her on her way inside and she was sure to give him a quick "I love you, Daddy."  It was almost like she knew that he needed that reassurance. 

Brody was very lost without his sissy all day and kept asking to go find her.  I was glad when it was time to go back to the bus stop to wait for her and to see how her day had went.  She came flying off the bus with a huge hug and smile for me.  She had a fun day and was excited about it!  So here is the things I learned about her day:

***She has her own locker that had her name on it.  They had us practice with the kids on how to open the lockers and she reported back that she had no problems with it today!

***When asked what was your favorite part of the day?  She replied, "RECESS"...does this surprise...not at all!  She said she saw some friends from soccer during recess and was excited about that.

***I asked her what she had for lunch.  She said she got a tray and chose Chicken Nuggets, Celery, a Banana and Milk.  She said she ate it all besides one piece of celery.  She asked me, "Mom, did I make healthy choices?"  I had to laugh at that.  She was proud that she remembered her 6-digit code to pay for her lunch and had no problems punching it in.

***She said they talked about the alphabet and she chose her favorite letter "H" to do a project on.  "Ya, know, Mom, H for Holgrimson"

***They learned and practiced the correct way of holding a pencil and did a worksheet on that.

***They went to another Kindergarten class "which used to be another music class" and did a coloring project in there.

There you go...that is it in a nutshell!  I'm glad it was a successful day.  Now she has tomorrow off and back to school on Friday.  My big girl did an awesome job and I am proud of her!!!

Modeling the new backpack!

Waiting at the bus stop for Marissa!

An action shot....Marissa running to give me a hug! 

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