Sunday, September 9, 2012

1st Tooth!

My little girl got her 1st tooth out tonight.  Ok, yes, it's her 2nd tooth to come out but since the 1st one was an accident, we celebrate this one as her FIRST!  YIPPEE!  It's been loose for about 6 weeks and tonight we pretty much forced her to do it.  She did the hard part and daddy did a quick tug and boom it was out with no problem!  The adult tooth is coming up quickly and now has a space to move into! 

The toothless grin!  Tooth is gone on the bottom!

Her tooth pillow with the tiny tooth on it!

I'm doing this post a little backwards but our weekend started off good continuing with the yearly tradition of going to our local high school football game.  Marissa and Tony have gone the last two years and now this year Brody got to come too (oh, and mommy).....we met up with the whole Holgrimson clan.  The girls seem to enjoy the dance team, the snacks, and running around.  Brody sat with Grandpa the whole time and watched the game.  We left during the 3rd quarter but it still was a late night for the kids. 

Here's a few pics from the night!

Cousins:  Marissa, Meghan and Abby at the football game!

Brody and Grandpa

Meghan and Marissa

The girls!

We are wishing Grandpa Holgrimson a quick and speedy recovery! 

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